Folding Australia :: OH Feb 6th

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OH Feb 6th


Composite still from the video of the day - see below to download the video

The group met on February 6th 2005, at Matt's house in Elwood, Melbourne, Australia.

The aim for the day was to fold as many bricks as possible for the origami house.

Bricks are folded to a design by Steven Casey - see diagrams pages. The sheets of paper are 1060mm x 2120mm - not small sheets - 165gsm paper donated by Australia Paper.

The process is to precrease the model, then fold the bricks into a flat form for delivery to the construction site.

We created a time lapse of the days folding, you can download the files (there is a 3ivX codec version and an mpeg 4 version) you may need to download the codec from

Origami Brick Timelapse: 3vix 1.1MB
Origami Brick Timelapse: mpeg4 768K

Thanks to everyone that helped on Saturday & Sunday, hat's off to your top efforts. Well Done!

Matt Gardiner

This article last modified: Thursday 10 February 2005