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  Everything Origami
<p><img src="data/images/0/40_everything-origami.jpg" width="335" height="377" alt="Everything Origami " /></p> <p class="caption">Everything Origami <br /></p> This book has gone into its first reprint! On sale now in the <a href="">PaperCrane online store</a>. Save on package deals with our Folding Australia Publications.

Thursday 10 February 2011
  FA 2005 book
<h2>Folding Australia 2005 Convention book now available.</h2> <br><br><img src='articles/fa2005book/cover_thumb.jpg' border='0' style="padding-right:15px;" align='left'> Folding Australia's first international convention book, packed with diagrams from local and global origami talent. Beautifully designed by My Trinh Ha, this book is a quality convention book, handy A5 size, no ring binding, full colour cover, black and white throughout. Featuring articles and photos about the lifesize Origami House project.

Wednesday 1 April 2009
  Folding Australia 2007 Book
<img src="shop/FA2007Book.jpg" width="200" /> <p>Visit our online shop for more information on this great Folding Australia publication, containing diagrams from all over the world. Including a light-sabre wielding Yoda, diagrams from our special guests Michael LaFosse, Go Kinoshita, our good friend Ron Koh, and many many more.</p>

Wednesday 1 April 2009
  Folding Australia 2007 T-shirt on special
<img src="data/images/0/11_tshirt-olive.gif" /> <p>Our T-shirts are on special, 25% off. We are doing a fundraising clearance sale. Prices are folded down, stocks are limited, only certain colours and sizes are still available.</p> <p>Visit our <a href="index/Shop/99">papercrane online shop.</a></p>

Wednesday 1 April 2009
  ABC Sunday Arts Origami Diagrams
<img src='articles/abcTV/matt-on-abc-set.jpg' border=0> <br><br> Here you can find the origami diagrams for models taught by Matthew Gardiner on the ABC Sunday Arts program.

Sunday 4 March 2007

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