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Books :: Book Search
A database project that has been superseeded by a great international project.

Books :: About book search
This is a small communal project that is still underway. It involves people from all over Australia, and documents their collection of Origami books from around the world.

Books :: Lang's New Book!!!
Where to buy Robert Lang's new book Origami Design Secrets.

Books :: ODS Review
A review of Dr. Robert J. Lang\'s recent book Origami Design Secrets by Matt Gardiner.

Contact :: Contact Papercrane
All the contact details you'll need for Origami in Australia.

Convention :: Convention Book
Info about Folding Australia 2005 Origami Convention Book, and how to buy it through this site.

Convention :: 2005 Convention
Convention info for 2005 Folding Australia Origami Convention.

Convention :: Folding Australia Invitation
Info for folding Australia 2003.

Convention :: Australia Folded 2003

Convention :: Folding Australia 2003
Detailed review of Folding Australia 2003

Convention :: Flyer
Folding Australia flyer variations.

Convention :: Aussie Tour 2005
Info about the post covention tour in 2005.

Convention :: FA 2005 Guests
Information about convention attendees and guests.

Convention :: Sponsors
Sponsors for Folding Australia 2005

Convention :: Convention Tour
FA 2005 tour report Written by Martin Liu

Convention :: FA2007 Photos
Photos from the convention

Convention :: Folding Australia 2007 Book
Information about the 2007 book and where to buy it.

Convention :: Folding Australia Report
A brief report about FA2007

Convention :: Folding Australia 2009
Information for Folding Australia 2009

Convention :: Folding Australia 2009 Book
Info for contributors to Folding Australia 2009 Book.

Diagrams :: Submit your diagrams
What to do to make a contribution or write an article for

Diagrams :: About time!
First page of diagrams on papercrane.

Diagrams :: House Brick
The diagrams for the Brick for the Origami House Project.

Diagrams :: Modulars
Diagrams of origami modulars.

Diagrams :: Teaching
Some advice on teaching simple models

Diagrams :: Dividing Paper
A collection of diagrams showing how to divide the paper into thirds, fiths and sevenths.

Diagrams :: Valentine Masu
Valentine Masu box diagrams

Diagrams :: Allan Wise
Allan Wise wrote to us and submitted his own origami diagrams. Here they are for your enjoymen

Diagrams :: ABC Sunday Arts
This page contains the diagrams as taught on the ABC Sunday Arts program.

Diagrams :: Snowflake puzzle
Nick Nordal from Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA, Snowflake puzzle.

Diagrams :: Gareth Louis
Diagrams by Gareth Louis

International :: Tanteidan 2001
Some news from my 2001 trip to the Tokyo Tanteidan Origami Convention.

International :: Origami USA
Darren Scott's account of the Origami USA 2001 convention in New York.

International :: Origami Colombia
6th Origami Colombia convention 2002 report by Jose Tomas posted with permission by Darren

International :: France 2003
Photos from France (MFPP 2003)

International :: S.E.O.F 2002
Memories and photos from SEOF 2002.

International :: JAOS 2003 Invite
An invitation to attend JAOS convention in Tokyo 2003, Take me there please!!!

International :: Tanteidan 2003

International :: Tanteidan 10
Action and adventure at Tanteidan 2004 in Tokyo and surrounding area.

Links :: New links
Links for other origami sites around the world.

links :: Orihouse
Paula's home page of wonderful origami, lots of great links and content.

Meetings :: Melbourne Meetings
Where and when to meet folders in Melbourne.

Meetings :: About Meetings
About the groups pages. Who, where, and when to meet.

Meetings :: Perth Meetings
About the Perth origami group.

Meetings :: Gateshead, NSW Meetings
A group for people in the Newcastle Region of NSW.

Meetings :: Sydney Meetings
Meeting times and Infomation about the Sydney Origami Group.

Meetings :: Origami Brisbane
A call out for the beginnings of a Brisbane group.

Meetings :: Origami Cairns
Origami Cairns Yuko Nakamura

News :: Site opening!
Official welcome and abstract of new site.

News :: Robotman
I came home the other day to find a newspaper opened to the comics page, it wasnt long before I my laughter was heard echoing around the studio lounge.

News :: Dinosaur found!
A dinosaur is found!

News :: Events for July
Events for our busy July 2002 calendar.

News :: Sayonara Tommy

News :: M.O.G. Meeting
M.O.G Meeting Jan 17th.

News :: M.O.G. Meeting
Melbourne Origami meeting 15th November

News :: M.O.G. Meeting
Melboure origami meeting 6th December 2002

News :: Latest News
What's hot on the papercrane site, our front page.

News :: Elephants
Matt and Mike visit some schools to celebrate Japanese culture and fold some large elephants.

Projects :: Dino Project What is it?
The Melbourne Origami Group, also acting as Australian Origami, both unofficial titles, are building a 1.5metre model of YOSHINO Issei's Triceratops skeleton.

Projects :: Dino Project Project Team
Who are the people in the project team and what are their skills and duties.

Projects :: Dino Project Studio March 16th
Progress report for March 16th day of Dino production.

Projects :: Dino Project Exhibition Dates
Details of Exhibition of the Dino Project

Projects :: Dino Project Exhibition Opening
Details about Next Wave opening.

Projects :: Dino Project Opening Photos!
Increasing origami opening night guff!

Projects :: Dino Project Press Coverage
Press coverage on the Dino project

Projects :: Orimattic @ BKK
Article about the premiere of Orimattic in Bangkok.

Projects :: M.P.A. 2002
Melbourne Paper Arts 2002.

Projects :: Dino Project More Photo's
More dino pics from the Next Wave Festival.

Projects :: Dino Project MX publicity photo
Photo of Tommy and Yoshi in the street press.

Projects :: Australia Day
Melbourne Origami at the R.A.C.V's Australia day event.

Projects :: Frankston Fair
The Melbourne origami group participating at the Frankston Susono Cultural fair. What fun!

Projects :: 1001 Cranes Photos
a short visual essay on 1001 cranes.

Projects :: Origami House Feb 6th 2005
Origami Brick folding day for Folding Australia 2005.

Projects :: Origami House
Origami House exhibition opened on March 5th at the Latrobe Regional Gallery. A culmination of many months of planning, hard work folding, fun and many late nights, the show opened quietly and has only begun to awe visitors to the gallery.

Projects :: Party in the Park
Party in the Park Story.

Projects :: All projects
A list of all our projects

Projects :: 1001 Cranes
1001 Cranes at Federation Square

Search :: Site Search
Use this to search articles published on the site.

Search :: Book Search
Same as the book search under books.

Shop :: FA 2003 CDROM
Lauching Folding Australia CDROM, infomation on contents, where to buy, and how to support Australian Origami.

Shop :: Echidna Tshirt
Our funky new tshirts, featuring Steven Casey's Echidna design. Available in 4 colours, chocolate, pink, orange and dusk blue.

Shop :: FA 2005 Book
Info about Folding Australia 2005 Origami Convention Book, and how to buy it through this site.

Shop :: Folding Australia 2007 Book
Buy the Folding Australia 2007 book

Shop :: Everything Origami
Everything Origami, a new book by members of the Melbourne Origami Group, author Matthew Gardiner.

Subscribe :: Subscribe
Functional page for subscriptions.

Summary :: Site Summary
This page lists all the abstracts of all pages in the site.

This article last modified: Monday 24 June 2002